METM23 presentation

Interactive session on MS Word: your questions answered

Jenny Zonneveld, Mijdrecht, Netherlands

By the very nature of our work as language professionals, we are on our own much of the time. Most of us are self-employed and we can’t benefit from resources provided by employers, such as pre-installed hardware, IT help desks, software training courses or company templates for Office. We must find our own productivity hacks or ask colleagues at the virtual water cooler.

Following the success of the Tech Clinics and interactive editing and translation slams at METM22, I will lead an interactive session on MS Word. Rather than follow a pre-determined workshop syllabus, I will invite conference delegates to submit queries in advance and those will dictate the topics we cover during the session.

Possible topics for discussion include how to:

  • create a simple macro
  • make frequently used features readily available
  • create a table of contents.

During the session, together we’ll explore solutions to your queries and look at where to find relevant help online. There will also be an opportunity for attendees to ask follow-up questions and share their own tips and solutions for the topics under discussion.

Even if we don’t cover all the queries submitted about MS Word, attendees are sure to learn something new about this major tool of our trade.

Let’s learn more about using MS Word from each other.

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About the presenter

Jenny Zonneveld works in the Netherlands as translator, editor and copywriter for Dutch and Belgian clients. She is a qualified member of ITI. Over the years she has developed training for MS Word and given workshops for MET and other organisations.