METM18 presentation 

Knowing your worth, showing your worth: creating value for your client, creating value for yourself

Thomas O'Boyle, Valdemoro, Spain 

Language professionals such as editors and translators play a key role in transmitting the client’s message. However, this role is not always clearly appreciated by the client or by the professional. Awareness of our value as professionals can enhance our contribution to our clients' success and ensure continued recognition for quality work. In order to strengthen our relationship with clients and create value, we have to acquire a business mindset and analyze what we can bring to the table in terms of skill, experience, and advice.
Aimed at freelancers, especially newer members of the profession, this session will provide a series of suggestions to help participants reassess and enhance their worth. The focus will be on encouraging participants to think with their “business head”. We will examine better ways of managing our relationships with existing clients, approaches to marketing and developing relationships with new clients, negotiating, networking with peers and potential clients, and agency work. The session will take the form of a presentation where I will provide my thoughts on what it takes to be a good professional and ensure a continuous workflow. The presentation will be followed by a short discussion during which participants can share their experience. Participants should leave the session with a series of practical and immediately actionable strategies.

About the presenter

Thomas O’Boyle is a freelance translator, authors' editor, and medical writer with almost 25 years’ experience in the medical and pharmaceutical sector. He has a BA in modern languages and literature and an MA in translation and interpreting.