METM23 presentation

Language breakout: interactive translation session (ES–EN)

Kate Major Patience, Lugo, Spain; Kit Cree, Pamplona, Spain

Time to roll up your sleeves and flex your translation muscles. This interactive session is the perfect place to show off your talents, be wowed by your peers, and even pick up a revision buddy.

How does it work?
This session focuses on the Spanish–English language pair. After a brief introduction, session hosts will split attendees into small groups. The groups will then tackle a selection of wickedly tricky texts before they face off in a snippet slam to compare notes.

Who should attend?
Anyone willing to get stuck in, from seasoned professionals to green translators with fresh ideas. We welcome native speakers of both the source and target languages. The session will be fun and fast-paced but can get loud, so it may not be a good fit if you’re noise-sensitive.

What will you need?
Pen and paper, an electronic device (one per group) and quick-fire skills.