METM18 choir


Friday, 5 October, 12:45-13:45
On-site, Sala Polivalent

Saturday, 6 October, 20:00
We’ve chosen two songs this year – one in English, one in Catalan – and we’re sure you’re going to love them. It’d be great if everyone could come to the first rehearsal having practised at home as much as you can.
Java Jive

Audio files:
Soprano | Alto | Bass | SAB (all three)

We’d like our performance to have a smooth jazzy style, so let’s take inspiration from the wonderful Manhattan Transfer.
Himne dels pirates

We’ll perform the songs at the closing dinner on the Saturday evening. If you have any questions, please write
to our choir organiser Ailish Maher at
Choir director: Christina Koch
Choir assistant: Ruth Simpson 

The choir at METM16 in Tarragona: during rehearsal and performing at the closing dinner. 
Photo credit: Cesc Anadón