METM17 presentation

Stroke your CAT tool into higher productivity

Jenny Zonneveld, Mijdrecht, Netherlands
The professional translator needs quality tools in their toolbox and must know how to use them to the full – getting the most out of your CAT tool will make you more productive. Research shows that many features in any given software application are rarely used1, and that goes for translation tools too. In this presentation I will show you some of the lesser known features of my favourite CAT tool, Déjà Vu. I believe that knowing the functionality that other translation tools offer will help you get more out of and boost your productivity in your preferred tool. The major tools look similar and have similar features and of course have their strengths and weaknesses. Knowing what’s under the skin of other tools will help you make better use of your own and enable you to select the right tool for each project.
I will demonstrate the new* features as well as the powerful but lesser-known capabilities of the latest version of Déjà Vu. Features demonstrated** will include (in alphabetical order):
  • AutoWrite2
  • Client & subject codes
  • DeepMiner3
  • Divide & Dispatch
  • Import filters (custom XML)
  • Lexicon
  • Machine translation integration2
  • Project templates2
  • Project view & file tabs
  • Regex (in searches and import filters)2
  • Sorting/filtering
  • SQL – in the translation, QA process and TM & TB maintenance
  • Word count and project analysis (integration with Excel for job costing and planning)2
* A new version of DVX is expected this summer; as beta tester I will be using this before it’s available to the public.
** A limited selection, depending on the time available.
There’s always something to learn from seeing how a colleague works. After this presentation you will be inspired to look for and try out "new for you" features in your preferred CAT tool.
2 Feature applicable to other tools
3 Comparable to Slate Desktop

Jenny Zonneveld has a business background. Before she became a freelance translator and editor about 20 years ago, she spent more than 15 years at a firm of management consultants and worked in the UK, USA, Belgium and the Netherlands. She specialised in managing IT and Logistics projects. In her current work, her clients appreciate Jenny for her insight into language matters as well as all things technical; no text is in a format that she won’t tackle!
Jenny is also active in SENSE and is currently chair.