METM18 panel 

The Hive – one year on

The Hive Team

The Hive – MET’s online hub for tools and resources shared by and among MET members – will be one year old on 4 October 2018. At the time of writing (April 2018), it has 160 registered users and some 80 posts.
The aim of this session is to review a few of the most popular posts by category (style guides, online apps, Beside The Hive, etc.), explain why some submissions have been rejected, discuss Hive team dynamics, and encourage more MET members to contribute by submitting resources or joining the team in a specific role.
Since the tools section is one of the Hive’s busiest sections, particular emphasis will be placed on current posts in this category and the session will end with a floor discussion on other tools that attendees use and could contribute to the Hive.
MET members and non-MET members are welcome to attend the presentation, which will be given by a panel of Hive team representatives.

Hive Team Panel
Wendy Baldwin
Kymm Coveney
Emma Goldsmith
Alan Lounds
Ailish Maher