METM19 presentation

Thinking of teaching a course on scientific writing?

Ann Bless, Corseaux, Switzerland

Young researchers often lack writing skills. Their supervisors or professors tell them “you learn by doing”. This results in their struggling all alone. Wouldn't they profit from a course on scientific writing?

In this session, attendees will come away with a basic lesson plan and guidance on how to approach teaching researchers and PhD students to write a clear and well-structured article or thesis. There will be plenty of opportunities for questions.

Who could profit from this session? Anyone, whether translators or editors, who would like to set up a course on scientific writing. There is plenty of need for such courses!
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About the presenter

Ann Bless is an English native speaker and a Swiss citizen with an international background. French is her second language, and she also speaks Dutch and German. Since 1986, both on her own and with a dedicated team of collaborators, she has given courses and seminars at various scientific institutions in Europe and for the pharmaceutical industry. Throughout her career, her goal has been to raise scientists’ awareness of how they communicate and why their writing is often difficult to understand. She has more than 30 years of experience running courses for PhD students and senior researchers in the Netherlands, France and Switzerland.