Translation slam 

Thursday, 4 October

Time: 19:30 - 20:45 
Location: upstairs at DO Taverna Catalana
Address: Plaça Independència, 16 (a 10-minute walk from the conference venue)
Coordinator: Aisha Prigann
Moderator: Kymm Coveney   
No booking required. Just show up! Space is limited, so get there early to order a drink and snag a chair.

Join us at a local watering hole for this fun, informal event for language lovers. The backstory: shortly before METM18, two of our finest wordsmiths, Maeva Cifuentes and Tim Gutteridge, will be asked to translate a short passage of Spanish-language literature. Presenting the result at the slam, the translators will compare notes under the watchful eye of our moderator. How do their translations differ? What do they have in common? How did they make the decisions that shaped their texts? Grab a drink, pull up a chair, and find out!

Maeva Cifuentes, daughter of a translator power couple, has been translating since 2009. Her workload is split between legal translation and transcreation, which keeps her from getting bored. She’s a fan of creative writing but doesn’t care too much for poetry (unless it’s from a secret admirer).

Tim Gutteridge has been translating from Spanish into English for 20 years. Since 2017, he has been trying his hand as a literary translator, and has a book, a couple of plays and a slew of samples under his belt. He loves discussing translation and doesn’t mind occasionally causing offence.

Scroll down for memories of slams past. 

METM17 slam at Signorvino in Brescia. 
Photo credit: Maria Luisa Barbano

METM16 slam at Highland in Tarragona. 
Photo credit: Kelly Dickeson