METM22 panel

Behind the scenes: Q&A on choosing a METM venue

Michael Farrell, Mortara, Italy; Heather Hamilton, Irun, Spain; Kelly Dickeson, Tarragona, Spain

Ever wondered what a site needs to host a METM? Ever thought your town, or another place you know well, would make a good location?

Heather Hamilton (METM22), Mike Farrell (METM17) and Kelly Dickeson (METM13, METM16 and METM18) will be recounting anecdotes on organizing a successful MET meeting and taking questions on the essential criteria a METM city and venue have to meet. They will delve into everything from meeting rooms, microphones and projectors to closing-dinner menus, yoga classes and slam venues.

Come along and all secrets will be revealed. And who knows, maybe the next METM will take place in your home town!

About the panellists

Kelly Dickeson, translator by day and, for much of the 2010s, MET council member and METM organizer by night. She cut her teeth in Poblet as second banana to METM13 boss Anne Murray before going solo at METM16 in Tarragona and getting the band back together for METM18 in Girona.

Heather Hamilton fell in love with MET and all it stands for on her first foray to Poblet in 2013, and immediately volunteered to help organize a METM. It took some time, but here we are at last. Heather is currently treasurer of MET. When not translating or crunching numbers, she’s out with the dogs, poking in the garden, or fostering kittens.

Michael Farrell is a freelance translator and transcreator, and a keen amateur cook. Over the years he has acquired a great deal of experience in the food and cultural tourism fields. Michael is MET's current webmaster and a qualified member of the Italian Association of Translators and Interpreters (AITI).