METM22 presentation

Building an online community – thinking inside the box

Kit Cree, Pamplona, Spain

Internet platforms have become a welcome medium for exchange, comfort and learning, particularly when real-world opportunities shrink. Online social groups, quizzes and family get-togethers are now standard fare, but this talk intends to explore online communities, their new importance and how to plant and grow them successfully, illustrated by concepts developed within MET, particularly in MET Conversations.
As an overview, setting up an online community involves identifying who will take part, the purpose, platform, member profile, rules, key players and how to promote the community. From my experience, I would add listening and adapting to keep the format fresh. 

MET moved online in 2020, running regular Welcome Chats, the Book Club and MET Conversations. Following the structure above, I will explain how MET Conversations developed, also exploring teamwork, inclusivity, online etiquette, technical aspects and keeping the MET brand on track while maintaining our association’s magical mix of learning and socialising. These sessions can be tied in with other CPD or act as a springboard to encourage new speakers and inspire workshops.

Circumstances over the last couple of years have raised the profile of this format, which might have previously felt second-best to in-person events. Unhampered by precedents, we were able to tailor our content to our audience, appreciating when and how people needed to talk, share and learn together and so managing to “see” each other more often than before. 

This talk is for MET members interested in how our community is changing, and non-members interested in content from our sessions and how the format works. It provides some ground rules for setting up your own online community and discusses what the future might hold for this format.
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About the presenter

Kit Cree translates from French and Spanish into English. Originally from Derbyshire, she has lived all her adult life in the north of Spain. She’s been in charge of the off-METM programme for the last few years, and she presents the MET Conversations online every month.