Pintxo promenade

Looking for an adventurous alternative to the off-METM meal tables? Fancy exploring Donostia’s pintxo culture like a local?

Pintxos – think tapas on steroids – are a culinary art form, traditionally served on a stick or built up on a slice of bread. A group of friends ("cuadrilla") will stroll from bar to bar and have a favourite pintxo in each place, washing it down with a small beer ("zurito") or a glass of wine. The pintxos artfully displayed on the bar are “frío” – ready to eat – and from the menu board behind the bar you can order a “pintxo caliente”, which will be served warm. Options for vegetarians and vegans are limited.

Meet like-minded explorers at the registration desk at 19:30 on Thursday or 12:45 on Friday. See the map below for a selection of bars in the Antiguo area (near the venue) and in the old town to help you make the most of your adventure.

Small groups recommended (up to six). A pintxo promenade involves moving from bar to bar, where seating options are limited. Be prepared for a fair amount of walking and standing.