METM22 presentation

The sound and the fury: troubleshooting audio to protect our hearing

Mary Fons i Fleming, Barcelona, Spain

Interpreters working in videoconference settings, whether from suitably equipped venues with on-site expert sound technicians or from home, with or without remote tech support, are being exposed to increasing amounts of bad sound from both keynote speakers and rank-and-file participants with poor equipment and inadequate connections. While interpreters working in simultaneous mode are particularly at risk because of their special need for high-quality sound, all videoconference participants are occasionally or regularly exposed to audio that could harm their hearing in different ways. Improving audio quality to protect participants and interpreters while maintaining people’s right to participate and engage online requires broad evangelization, meeting-specific communications, and individual troubleshooting.

Session participants will experience different kinds of audio input to develop a sense of what the problem could be, as well as possible solutions. An efficient troubleshooting sequence will be demonstrated and discussed, and practical ways to protect one’s own hearing will be suggested.
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About the presenter

Mary Fons i Fleming is an experienced conference interpreter based in Barcelona. She has significant experience leading teams of interpreters working from home and troubleshooting speaker and interpreter audio.