METM21 choir – info for aspiring singers and musicians


Live singing is a thing of the past … and the future. But in our weird present, we need to find new ways of making music together. So at METM21 we’re taking the choir online!

There’s no live performance this year. Instead, we’ll all record our individual parts and then our choir leader, Ruth Simpson, with virtual baton in hand, will mix our recordings into a showstopper.

How is it going to work?

You just need a phone and a laptop or other device that will take headphones. If you've registered for the conference, you'll find Ruth's simple instructions in July's attendee update on the METM21 attendee details page.

Not a singer?

Do you play an instrument? There are no luggage restrictions this year, so dust off those cellos and tubas.

What are we going to perform?

An old classic that everyone knows: Hey Jude by the Beatles.