Mediterranean Editors & Translators Meeting 2017

Understanding our clients: the writing process
from concept to completion

Centro Pastorale Paolo VI · Brescia, Italy
26-28 October 2017

Conference programme

Thursday afternoon, 26 October 2017


(Prior sign-up required)
13:00-18:30 Desk open

(Coffee break
Practical stats, part 1: understanding and reporting descriptive and bivariate analyses
— Darko Hren
Split, Croatia 
Understanding our clients: why do anthropologists write that way?
— Susan DiGiacomo 
Barcelona, Catalonia
Beat the agencies at their own game: develop a watertight translation workflow process
— Juliet Haydock
Cardiff, United Kingdom
Editing theses and dissertations written by non-native speakers of English
— Joy Burrough-Boenisch
Renkum, Netherlands
Beyond terms: best practices in concept-oriented terminology management
— Licia Corbolante
Milan, Italy
EMA templates and EU terminology
— Emma Goldsmith
Madrid, Spain

SDL Trados Studio sponsored training session: upLIFT and term management in Studio 2017 — Luca Menozzi, Piacenza, Italy
Location: Centro Paolo VI, Sala Consiglio
(no sign-up required; any conference participant may attend)


Translation slam
Location: Signorvino Brescia 
(prior sign-up required; see Off-METM programme for details)
20:30-? Optional Off-METM dinner groups 
(various locations, prior sign-up required; see Off-METM programme for details) 
Friday morning, 27 October 2017


(Prior sign-up required)

Optional Off-METM yoga session 
Location: Centro Paolo VI, Sala 7
(prior sign-up required; see Off-METM programme for details)

Optional Off-METM breakfast group 
Location: Centro Paolo VI breakfast room 
(prior sign-up required; see Off-METM programme for details)
08:00-12:00 Desk open

(Coffee break 10:30-
Practical stats, part 2: understanding and reporting regression analyses and multivariate ANOVA models
— Darko Hren
Split, Croatia 
Post-editing machine translation output — Federico Gaspari 
Macerata, Italy 
“It needs only a ‘light’ edit”: negotiating the differences between light, medium and heavy editing
— John Linnegar
Antwerp, Belgium 
A systematic approach to translating contracts into English
— Rob Lunn
Barcelona, Spain
Excel for Wordies: accounting and workflow
— Mary Fons i Fleming
Barcelona, Spain
Translating for the art world
— Laura Bennett
Beaconsfield, United Kingdom


MET choir rehearsal 
Centro Paolo VI, Sala Consiglio
(no sign-up required; see Off-METM programme for details)

Optional Off-METM lunch groups
(various locations, prior sign-up required; see Off-METM programme for details) 
Friday afternoon, 27 October 2017

Conference sessions

(Open to all conference attendees)
 13:00-17:30  Desk open
 14:30-14:50  Welcome and housekeeping
 14:50-15:00  Room transfer time 
 15:00-16:00 Setting up a research projectDarko Hren, Split, Croatia The conspicuous translator — Michael Farrell, Mortara, Italy 

Translating: writing the Other, rewriting for the Other — Mirella Agorni, Brescia, Italy
 16:00-16:30 Coffee break 
 16:30-17:10  Translation and interpreting to 2050 — Sarah Griffin-Mason, Portsmouth, UK Client mapping and profiling: an experiment — Anne Murray, Barberà de la Conca, Spain
 17:10-17:20 Room transfer time
 17:20-18:30 KEYNOTE TALK 

Looking for insights into the writing process: lessons gleaned from writing retreats — Rowena Murray 
 19:00-21:00 Apericena welcome reception
Location: Belle Epoque, Brescia 
Saturday, 28 October 2017

Conference sessions

 (Open to all conference attendees) 
Desk open
9:00-10:00 Stroke your CAT tool into higher productivity — Jenny Zonneveld, Mijdrecht, Netherlands Tech tools for low-stress linguists — Richard Lackey, London, UK / Granada, Spain

Operating with other currencies without losing your hard-earned money — Timothy Barton, Oranjemund, Namibia

Writing up research: insiders' views on writing practices at research centers — Moderator: Valerie Matarese, Vidor, Italy. Panellists: Susan Frekko, Barcelona, Spain; Maighread Gallagher-Gambarelli, Grenoble, France; Ketevan Glonti, Split, Croatia
10:00-10:10 Room transfer time
10:10-10:45 MMT: a new machine translation technology for CAT tools — Luisa Bentivogli and Marcello Federico, Trento, Italy What makes you special? The how and why of specialization — Simon Berrill, Badalona, Spain Research to guide the writing or critical editing and translation of titles in clinical medicine: emerging insights from a corpus of eight journals sampled in 2015 and 2017 — Jane Marshall, Mary Ellen Kerans and Sergi Sabaté, Barcelona, Spain; Anne Murray, Barberà de la Conca, Spain
10:45-10:55 Group photo
10:55-11:25 Coffee break
11:25-12:10 Understanding post-editing for machine translation: challenges and opportunities — Federico Gaspari, Macerata, Italy ​"My cat fights zombies in space": the process of creating a videogame story — Anett  Enzmann, Lueneburg, Germany 
12:10-12:15 Room transfer time
12:15-13:10 MET 2017 General Assembly

Open to members and non-members alike. All attendees are entered in a raffle. 
13:10-14:50 Buffet lunch at the conference venue
14:50-15:20 ​Back translations: making the round trip meaningful — Mary Fons i Fleming, Barcelona, Spain; Emma Goldsmith, Madrid, Spain  Learning to deal with negative feedbackPatricia Cardoso Ferreira, Estoril, Portugal  ​Role and tasks of peer reviewers in the biomedical journal editing process, 1970-2017: a formal "scoping review" of the literature — Ketevan Glonti, Split, Croatia
15:20-15:30 Room transfer time
15:30-16:30 "The manuscript suffer from many and numerous English using errors": responding to negative peer review comments on the language and writing — Karen Shashok, Granada, Spain  Negotiating a client-specific style sheet: adding value to academic author support — Julie Uusinarkaus, Helsinki, Finland 

An early history of medical translation — David Tracey, Bern, Switzerland 
Editing transcriptions of international leadership meetings: the delicate task of discerning what is of essence to the readers — Amanda Murphy, Milan, Italy 

Genre analysis and its role in writing for research: insights from a study on scientific publishing in English — Raffaella Negretti, Gothenburg, Sweden
16:30-17:00 Coffee break
17:00-18:10 KEYNOTE TALK

The translator as writer. Or maybe not...Tim Parks 
18:10-18:20 Room transfer time

Learning from one another: a dialogue between applied linguists and researcher practitioners  — Moderator: Sally Burgess, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain. Panellists: Laurie Anderson, Arezzo, Italy; David Giannoni, Bergamo, Italy; Mary Ellen Kerans, Barcelona, Spain; Oliver Shaw, Madrid, Spain
A law unto itself? The complexities of editing law texts — John Linnegar, Antwerp, Belgium  DIY (do it yourself): helping L2 writers to acquire academic phraseology — Diana Balasanyan, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain 

Swimming against the tide? Teaching translation out of the mother tongue. An experience with students from the UAB — Fiona Kelso, Barcelona, Spain 
19:30-20:30 MET choir rehearsal 
Centro Paolo VI, Aula Magna
21:00-late  Closing dinner at Trattoria Caprese