METM22 presentation

Consequences – Spanish Translators’ Edition

Simon Berrill, Badalona, Spain; Kate Major, Monterroso, Spain

Consequences – Spanish Translators’ Edition is for conference attendees who’d like to mix the sitting and listening with a more active session, in this case for Spanish to English translators. The idea is to get people working together in small groups to find solutions to tricky translation snippets and compare results, learning from the range of solutions offered by their peers and perhaps having some fun while they’re at it.

The activity will be snappy and fast-moving: the groups will pass around the snippets, folding their paper when they’ve finished their translation so as not to influence or distract the next group, who will then add their translation below the first, and so on. The format has a touch of the traditional sketching game “Consequences”. Towards the end of the session, photos will be taken of all the translations and sent to a special email address so they can be displayed on screen with time for everyone to compare the different solutions. 

It will give experienced translators and newcomers to the profession the opportunity to contribute on an equal basis in a supportive, non-judgemental atmosphere. The concept takes the “slam” format and reworks it into a more egalitarian, less performative exercise where everyone gets to take part.

Conference-goers increasingly want hands-on activities that will keep them on their toes, and this session will certainly meet that demand. As well as being good translation practice and a fine opportunity for learning from colleagues, it should also be a lively session offering attendees working in the same language combination the chance to get to know each other a little better. 
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About the presenters

Simon Berrill is a translator working from Spanish, Catalan and French into English and specializing in tourism and culture. He has presented at past MET meetings and writes a regular blog. He lives near Barcelona.

Kate Major is a translator (Spanish/Galician to English) and editor specializing in arts and culture, politics and international organizations. She is a METM regular who can be found in deepest Galicia, Spain.