METM22 presentation

Spit and polish: interactive editing

Linda Jayne Turner, Prague, Czech Republic

The editor’s lot can be a solitary one, as most of us are freelancers working mainly on our own. Even in language-professional circles, little is heard of “editing slams” or other collaborative editing experiences. We hope this interactive activity will go some way to redressing the balance.

The session is aimed at editors working on English texts in all areas of expertise. Everyone is welcome, whether experienced old-timers or newcomers to editing. First, we will break into small groups and work together to edit a selection of short texts – check them out here – taken from a range of sources, from tricky academic papers to the translator’s note for a translation of Czech sci-fi. Once we have finished editing, we’ll compare versions and discuss how they differ, why certain solutions were preferred over others, and how our own experience in the field informed our decisions. 

This format should provide an excellent opportunity for colleagues to share knowledge in a supportive and entertaining way and – who knows – it  may even spawn some lasting collaborations.
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About the presenter

Linda Jayne Turner is an academic editor working mainly in the social sciences. Originally from Yorkshire in the UK, she has been based in Prague since 2004 and has recently obtained Czech citizenship. She studied in Scotland and has previously lived and worked in Germany, France and Russia.